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Default Using MIDI_SetNote with noSort=true to move notes onto same pitch (SOLVED)

I am trying to write a script that would mimic the functionality of FL Studio's Slice Tool:

[EDIT: The script, whch can be found here, has since been updated with a workaround for this bug.]

Unfortunately, I encountered a problem that seems like a bug in REAPER's implementation of MIDI_SetNote. It is likely related to another bug report: Overlapping notes problem.

When MIDI_SetNote is used with noSort=true to move a note onto the same pitch as an existing note, the earlier note gets extended:
editor = reaper.MIDIEditor_GetActive()
take = reaper.MIDIEditor_GetTake(editor)
reaper.MIDI_SetNote(take, 0, nil, nil, 960*3, 960*3.5, nil, 60, nil, true)

If the two notes differ in selection status, the problem does not occur:

Strangely, when I use my Slice script (which also involves moving tiny notes into the line drawn by the mouse), the problem presents somewhat differently:
- Occurrence of the problem depends on whether the earlier note is close to the beginning of the take or not (as shown in the GIF below).
- Whether or not the notes differ in selection status does not seem to have any effect.

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You should be careful about what happens after calling MIDI_SetNote with noSort=true to change the timing and MIDI_Sort.. it looks like you're calling MIDI_sort first, too? That might be a bug...

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I figured out why the extended note was happening!

Because the note on B1 was originally the earliest note, its Note-Off also had the lowest index of all the Note-Offs.

When SetNote with nosort=true was used to shift B1 to a later position and its pitch to C3, the index of its Note-Off remained the same, and therefore became the first *indexed* Note-Off on pitch C3, even though it actually had a later position than the first C3 note.

The MIDI editor therefore interpreted the shifted Note-Off at C3 as the Note-Off for the first C3 note. The first indexed Note-On got paired with the first indexed Note-Off at the same pitch (and with the same selected/muted status).
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