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Default Nektar Impact LX49+ sound preset change idea

If there are any Nektar users here I would like to know your opinion/experience on the following:

If I set up one (1) project including my VST keyboard sounds per song as pictured below would you be able to change the sound per track by pushing "Track" button on Nektar?

01 SONG 1
02 Sound 1
03 Sound 2
04 Sound 3
05 SONG 2
06 Sound 4
07 Sound 5
08 Sound 6
09 SONG 3
10 Sound 7
11 Sound 8
12 Sound 9
The reason I thought of "grouping" the sounds per song to childtracks is that I'd be easily able to change the song order depending on the setlist. AND: If I change the song order, will the "Track" button still do it's job and change the sound preset in order from up to down?

Thanks already!
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