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Default video items visibility and color grading interact...

Hi !
i'm working on live recording:
One musician (multi-instruments)
8 Tracks
3 cameras (Iphones)

#Mix is done,
#Video editing (fade in and out) also done.
using: video processor plugin --> "items fades affect videos"

#But i need to do some color grading on each Iphones video tracks.

so with video processor plugins and presets like "brightness/contrast", "RGB" and others i've tried to work on those 3 tracks.

Unfortunatelly, due to the setting:
File-->Project setting-->video
there is only 2 options : video items visibility
->1º Items in lower numbered track replace higher
->2º Items in higher numbered track replace lower.

It's beahaves like "layers", i mean:
case 1º if you put brightness on track 1, it will also add brightness on track 2 and 3
Case 2º if you put brightness on track 3, it will also add brightness on track 2 and 1

And it's very annoying.
Every colorgrade changes on tracks 1 affect track 2 and 3
every colorgrade changes on track 2 affects track 3
every colorgrade change on track 3 only affect track 3

How can i disable this "layers" beahavior ?
Many thanks for the answer

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bump, i also have the same problem
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in this case the fx need to be on the items
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Item FX is the easiest but you can also use the preset to have track FX not affect items on other tracks (put that last in the FX bin on a track with sparse items)
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