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Default Refresh media item after external editor processing (audio)

Dear colleagues,

I am having the following issue:
1. Select an audio item
2. Right-click and "open in external editor"
3. I change the audio in other application and save it. The filename stays the same.
4. Back to Reaper, I toggle the online / offline state of the media. Until recently this updated the item with the newly edited version. Now it does not anymore - the audio stays the same as before, like it were still cached somewere else.

The only thing that helps, is making a duplicate of the file and select it as new item source (item properties - "select new file").

I would be very happy if someone could tell me what I am doing wrong.

Thanks to everyone in advance,

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I do the same workflow only with the addition of rebuilding peaks for the selected item.
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this is a shame! it would have been a quite killer solution if reaper would have a preference or setting for this, when a file has been modified it would just reload a file. Or, when you focus the window again?
I am saying this because I do sheet music transcription with another program. I normally tempo map the audio in reaper, and that really helps to transcribe very complex rhythms. I normally load a generic vst and then just import the midi in reaper so I can hear the audio along with the midi transcription for correcting anything, (errors are corrected in a snap this way) but then the only thing that really bugs me is that I always have to delete the midi item, and then import it again every. single. time. If there would be a setting for a particular item for auto refreshing the source whenever the window gains focus or even an action for this, which took the item, deleted it and then imported the source using same path and filename this would just be unbeatable.
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