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Default Mapping with Time signature changes

THANKS BEVOSS!! Everything went PERFECTLY until I came across a song that had multiple time signature changes.

To be clear: I'm producing an album from a songwriter who has already recorded the songs beautifully with just piano accompaniment. I'm taking it to a finished product.

I could NOT get the time signature changes to work. My first attempt I laid out all the measures according to your instructions - perfect! - but when I attempted to make the time signature changes [by using SHIFT C to bring up the tempo/time signature marker dialogue] it just fudged EVERYTHING up. I tried to add the time signatures one measure at a time. No go.

I figured out a workaround which may be helpful to others which is why I am posting.

Instead of just changing the time signature I did the math for the tempo for each initial measure of the time change. Process looked like this:

1. After finding and marking all of the downbeats apply the BEVOSS method up to the measure AFTER the time change.
2. When moving from 4/4 to 3/4 change the tempo by a factor of .75.
- the subsequent measures would lay out perfectly.
3. Apply the same process when the time returned to 4/4 except, of course the tempo factor is now 1.3333333333333333333

There may be a better way to do this but this was not too bad.

Thanks again BEVOSS
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