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Default VSTi multirouting woes...

So I've seen a couple different threads about this, but as far as I can tell, my problem is unique.

I'm trying to route Kontakt in a way that makes more visual sense to me. I have it set up so that extra tracks send MIDI to certain Kontakt instruments, and the output of those instruments are routed back to the tracks that trigger them. I've enabled routing feedback (which apparently has it's own set of latency issues, but let's ignore that for a moment), and it works in just the way I described.

BUT, now I can't play my instruments using my keyboard. I can record MIDI tracks with my keyboard, and playing back those MIDI tracks triggers my Kontakt instruments, but I can't actually work a part out on the keyboard before I record it. I think I've screwed up some simple routing issue in getting MIDI from my keyboard, through Reaper, into Kontakt, but I can't for the life of me figure out what. Any help would be appreciated.
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Any chance you inadvertantly turned off record monitoring on those tracks?
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I am a huge moron, and you sir are the gracious government appointed handler who keeps me from causing a scene in public. Thanks, that was all there was to my problem.
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I urge you to search the forum for topics about this... several of us spend a long time making it work as good as possible, but there was always a price to pay. The costliest was the demise of PDC!

For this routing scheme to work you need the following for best results:

- Folder Track (to hold the whole thing)
- - VSTi Container track (multi channel = number of outs desired)
- - hybrid tracks (Midi & Audio tracks) - one per output

The hybrids must be routed to send midi to the VSTi container only (the portion of the send referring to audio is disabled! These tracks will automatically route their audio to the folder track which serves as a submix for all of the instruments outputs. The VST container track must send audio, and only audio (NO MIDI) to each of the Hybrid tracks.

| - VSTi (recieves Midi but no audio from hybrids) (sends audio but no midi) (dos not send audio to folder)
| - - hybrid 1: Send:Midi(to VSTi) all==>01 Audio None ==> none
| - - hybrid 2: Send:Midi(to VSTi) all==>02 Audio None ==> none
| - - hybrid x: Send:Midi(to VSTi) all==>x Audio None ==> none

and of course enable "allow feedback routing"

but why?
the reason I used to do it was so that my Stylus RMX or Kontakt 3 templates would not consume 38 tracks worth of GUI space. And for that I paid the price - I was not able to use some plugins on the audio returns of those instruments as some plugins would make everything fall out of sync by introducing delay.

Then, about a year ago, Cockos introduce a new feature. They allowed us to hide a track from either the TCP or the MCP - this was a happy day and a long time coming. With it I could now reclaim Mixer space and TCP space.

Very shortly after Cockos gave us that candy, Tim decided he would blow it off the hinges. The SWS extension introduced a full featured Track management feature-set.

This SWS blowout enables me to make my 38 track K3 template begin life in my projects as 4 tracks in the tcp and 4 tracks in the mixer.
All 38 (or so) tracks are present in the project but most are hidden until they are needed (then deleted if not needed near mixdown). You see, the settings tweaked using the sws extension save with the track templates. So, when I add the k3 template this is what happens:

TCP gets the Folder (submix / overall volume control) and 4 midi tracks
MCP gets The Folder track and 4 audio tracks.

the rest are hidden from both the TCP and MCP.

Thanks to sws i gained control over my projects and unruly VSTis without sacrificing plugin delay compensation.


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