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Originally Posted by WyattRice View Post
Hello fellow DDP'ers.
Here's a new version of DDP To Cue Writer.

It's basically a GUI for some great command line utilities that includes ddpinfo written by Andreas Ruge, and cdrecord which is part of cdrtools written by Jörg Schilling.

I really wanted to directly write a DDP image to CD. With ddpinfo, it was possible. This is just a test version (any critique is welcome)

Edit: Windows version updated on Oct. 11 2016 to version 6

DDP To Cue Writer V6


1. Select your CD Writer you'll be using to write the CD

2. Verify DDP MD5 checksums. Search for MD5 and CRC32 checksum files in the DDP directory and
use the checksums found to verify the integrity of the DDP file-set

3. Make sure you have inserted blank CD for the selected writer

4. Write the DDP or cue image To CD

Other Stuff:

You can also convert the DDP file-set to a cue/wav format
open the cue, and write from that, or you can also write
previous cue/wav, or cue/bins rendered from Reaper.

Print PQ Sheet (Writes, and saves a pq sheet from the ddp directory in html format)
Options include opening in your default web browser if checked.

Convert to separate tracks with or without pause.

Download Here (portable versions) No installer at the moment.

DDP To Cue Writer (Windows Vista and above)

DDP To Cue Writer (Windows XP)

DDP To Cue Writer (Mac Intel)

Note: The difference in the Windows versions is that Vista and above, uses new explorer style file and folder dialogs.

Special thanks to Andreas Ruge, and all the testers

Thanks for this amazing software.

Any update is coming on the way?

Thanks in advanced!
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