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Originally Posted by Argitoth View Post
It probably would work if it existed, lol! What you are actually referring to is "explode *takes* of items in place" and it does nothing to the actual items provided they don't have takes.
OK so you have a bunch of overlapping items on one track, correct? I misunderstood.


SO i guess you are making, like, velocity spilts or something, then moving all those to the same start on the track? then rendering to stem tracks?

I guess the track is in free item positioning mode?

If you have items stacked up like that, why not just render the items and be done with it?

there is apply FX, and apply track FX, to items. This also will number the renders in order if they have the same take name. Just use something to take "render" out of the file name.

the first file will have no number, so you might need to deal with that.

Did I help? lol. hopefully not making wrong assumptions about what you are trying to do.
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