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Default A simple set-up for my wife

I'm not surprised that Reaper doesn't have a phone app. It would be a huge change in approach. I love Reaper just as it is on my PC.......but.....Has anyone found a useful multi-track recorder for Android? Here's what I want to do.....

Play a piano track, then play it back as I record another instrument. Keep it, if they work, then record another track with a, say, horn or voice. I don't need more than 5 or 10 tracks. The piano and voice will be recorded thru a mic (a better one than is in the phone), ...all other instruments would be Midi versions. Saving it as separate multiple tracks would be good (as I could then use Reaper for post), but having to merge all tracks to .wav is possible.

Has anyone used anything good on their phones or pads?
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Hi. yes I tried a few - best seemed to be Evolution Studio https://www.extreamsd.com/

To be honest android seems to suffer from intrinsic latency issues so don't expect REAPER performance (although there is IIRC a latency compensation set up in Evolution.)

Another one that might be worth a look is n-track. I actually used it a bit on PC before discovering Reaper. No idea how good the Android version is however.
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I agree. Audio Evolution Mobile is by far the best mobile recording app I've tried, both on android or IOS. On android you can get round the latency by using their USB audio driver to drive an external USB audio interface. That way the latency disappears completely. Without it, its useless.
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