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Default REAPER videos/tutorials (community-created) hub

Here's a list of user-created videos, tutorials and other resources about learning REAPER.

If you didn't do that yet, please collect links to your own videos/tutorials in a separate thread (so you can always add the latest easily), then link to your thread(s) here. Maybe in a short, descriptive form like...

Author|Content Description|Link


SomeGuy|General tutorial collection|Link
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REAPER Video Tutorials, Tips & Tricks and more at The REAPER Blog
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Default JG YouTube Tutorials

Thread: http://forum.cockos.com/showthread.p...05#post1620905

YouTube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?lis...IglN0oizcZUtag

Website: http://johngarden.net/tuition/

Thanks for looking. Hope it's useful!
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Default Reaper Youtube Channels


So REAPER isn't always the simplest DAW, but fortunately for us, it is graced with a great user guide and lots and lots of tutorials.

Here is a list of Youtube channels in English dedicated to REAPER or include REAPER tutorials:

Official REAPER video tutorials by Kenny GIOIA

Kenny Gioia's own channel Kennymania

Kenny also sells lots of tutorials he made for advanced users. Links are here.

The Reaper Blog by EpicSounds and the blog itself

ReaperTV by PSmeg and its website

JGMD75 by thewizrad and his website


TutorialsForReaper although a bit oldish as it concerns Reaper 4, deserves to be mentionned as it was one of the first video tutorials for REAPER.

Booth Junkie makes nice tutorials for professional voiceover with Reaper.

Rob van Hees has lots of tips.

MusicRepo has made some nice and friendly tutorials for the very beginners.

Home Music Studio 1 (who despite his name uses REAPER rather than Studio One )

AHMusic has some tips as well.

Channels in French (chaţnes en franšais):

Reno Mellow by Reno.theStraws

lesstudiosnanardo by nanardo

Reaper Inside

Scripting for REAPER by X-Raym

Channels in German (auf Deutsch):

Nothing Remains - German Reaper Tutorials


Channels in Italian (in Italiano):



Channels in Portuguese :
Reaper Experts

Channels in Russian (по-русски):


Sapient Channel

Andrey Novikov

A 1hr23mn tutorial by BLiKSEM STUDiO



Channels in Spanish (en Espa˝ol):

REAPER En Espa˝ol Tutoriales y Utilidades by ecl

Palb Vial


CNB Records

Diego Di Romein

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Originally Posted by lolilol1975 View Post
What about Russian?
Originally Posted by Sexan View Post
Make a thread "F%#! you Reaper! I quit!" to get more views and feedback since these kind of threads get much more traction
SoundCloudFR: True Non-destructive GLUEAll the REAPER names
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Originally Posted by vitalker View Post
What about Russian?
I tried to find some videos, but I couldn't. It doesn't help that I don't understand Russian at all. So if you find some, don't hesitate.

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What is this post supposed to be ? Are you announcing free videos or online tutorials on the topics you list ?

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Recently started putting up some tips!

Hope it helps https://vlc.vin https://airlinesreservations.info/

Channel name: AHmusic
Series: Reaper Tips
Language: English

had the same in mind.

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Posted this elsewhere, but it seems relevant here... less of a tutorial, more of a list of things I like that I haven't seen elsewhere in other DAW's.

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Would appreciate any tutorial to help me: I compose orchestral/vocal works using Sibelius with NotePerformer and want to be able to create professional quality recordings of these pieces. So far I'm impressed with EW sounds. It would be ideal if I could find tutorials for using EW or other excellent sample sound libraries with Reaper. Many thanks. George Naff
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