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Default ReaTune not correctly identifying D#9...

I just discovered a strange thing with ReaTune, it does not identify D#9 correctly but thinks it is D#8. It has no problems with D9 and E9, as we see here:

And as we see from the Schmitt trigger tuner to the left, it is not the tone generator that generates the wrong frequency, but ReaTune that identifies it incorrectly.

EDIT: ReaTune actually has similar problems with G9, which it identifies as G8, and G#9, which it identifies as C#8.
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Yeah ReaTune seems to be a little shaky... see for example this post about it not working over like C6-ish:

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I have seen similar issues with ReaTune. I noticed I was getting different results between ReaTune and my two other guitar tuners (iStroboSoft for iPhone, and TC Electronic PolyTune 2).

The issue is definitely with ReaTune, I did a similar test to the OP by running JS tone Generator before it in the effects chain. It seems that ReaTune is miscalculating the frequencies of some notes going in to it.

This for me means I can't use ReaTune.
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