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Default Getting started with Python and Reaper

I have a few questions about Python scripting in Reaper:

1. Is it possible to access Reaper functionality through a Python library (e.g. "import reaper") instead of through Reaper's GUI?

2. How can I get a list of VSTs known by Reaper (through the directories I set previously in the GUI)?

3. Is TrackFX_AddByName the correct way to add a new track with VST? How does it look called via Python?

4. For VSTs like Reaktor, how can I load an ensemble/patch after loading the main VST? Can I access Reaktor's file menus via Reaper?

5. How can I get a list of a particular VST's parameters (controls), their current values, and their minimum and maximum acceptable values?

6. Is RPR_MIDI_InsertNote the correct way to add a note to a track? How does it look called via Python?

7. How can I render all current tracks to a stereo WAV file?

Thank you!
-da'ud vyd
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