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Default problem switching presets in TH3 plugin


I tried to use th3 (overloud) as my guitar preamp. I have simulated the setup at home:

Motu 828mk2
some USB keyboard
in reaper I have one track that receives the Midi from keyboard and forwards that to the track containing th3.
both channels are armed and monitoring enabled.
In th3 I had to set "preset changes happen within the selected bank" in the Midi settings, but then I could send program changes from the keyboard, and th3 switched presets.

In the rehearsal room I have a very similar setup:

Motu 828mk3
Behringer 1010 footswitch
I did the exact same settings, but here th3 won't switch presets
I inserted the ReaControlMIDI plugin, and it perfectly shows the PC commands incoming.
When I use the standalone version of th3, it works (but is no solution, since I want the bpm of reaper for the delays)

One difference I just noted: In my home setup there's the PC sent and also CC32+CC0 Bank select LSB+MSB sent. Could that make the difference?

Any idea what else I could check?
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