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Default Drum VST favorite

hey gang,

am posting looking please for advice/thoughts on what drum VST to get.

I have it narrowed down to:
-Native Instruments Studio Drummer
-Superior Drummer 2.0 with NY Legacy 2.0
-FXpansion BFD 3 with Percussion Expansion.

the first choice has the advantage of being cheaper.

here's my situation. I am an amateur level dude that loves to sing, play guitar, key and record myself (mostly singing and playing guitar, but I love it all.
I am in my late 50's.
recently, I played a Vdrum kit. I loved it. I am new to drumming, though. I bought a Vdrum kit.
now I want to get a VST to use with it.
I have done that, for digital pianos, and it is awesome.
for the drum VST, I really only want to get one for now.
thus my post, asking please for any help in choosing.
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I suggest you research (and buy!) an option not on your list.....

Addictive Drums

I am in my late 40's and mostly guitarist/bassist/arranger. Addictive Drums has allowed me to do full productions that continuously fool real drummers. Just my opinion, of course.
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The most important aspect is gonna be if a plugin's drum sound speaks to you or not. I bought Superior 2.0 because I really liked the way the Allaire expansion sounded. Avatar, not so much. Like the last guy said, Addictive Drums sounds really good too, and has the advantage of being pre-mixed and pre-processed, unlike Superior. I'd also take a look at EZDrummer 2, which is from the makers of Superior Drummer and doesn't require any mixing or processing to sound good in a mix.
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Default NI Kontakt

NI Studio Drummer, EZX Jazz, sometimes NI Battery3or4, but I prefer either using my NI KONTAKT user drums with all kind of drum and percussion samples or I take a wav loop and insert with media Explorer different one shot samples in order to create my own drum loop after having (dynamic) split the loop item

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I have Native Instruments Studio Drummer and Toontrack Superior Drummer 2 and for playing with a VDrums kit (I have a hybrid kit based on a TD20exp and TD12), SDII wins out. NI Studio Drummer sounds great but the hihats don't work well with VDrums. SDII on the other hand works flawlessly.

I also have the Custom and Vintage SDX and the Twisted EZX. Both add some great sounds to SDII.

I've also heard good things about Addictive Drums but haven't used it personally.
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thank you to all who replied so far.
ReaDave, I am now thinking very seriously about getting Superior Drummer 2.0 with Expansion kits you posted.
I have a TD15KV, that I will be using with whatever VST I get.

would you please (if you feel like it), tell me a little more?

-can you possibly compare it to BFD3?
-with regards to Superior Drummer 2.0 Expansion choices: do you have any thoughts about the NY Legacy expansion?

hey gang, of course still looking for any more thoughts/advice on all possibilities.
I have a few days, before I have to decide.
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There are a TON of good drum romplers out therre.
I have a Roland TD8 kit, also one of the original Korg NanpPads and use both regularly in projects.

My go-tos have always been EZDrummer1 and mre recently EZD2, plus a combination of Addictive Drums1/2 and Steven Slate Drums 4 Platinum (currently on sale)

In addition I have many third party drum romplers that use Kontakt and they all have their uses, but the most e-kit friendly ones I have found all seem to be from Toontrack. I ought Superior Drummer on a special sale and I have to say that once I learnt a LOT more about e-drumming, it does have a lot of stellar features if you are looking for realism, but a steep learning curve before you can fool real drummers.
Same goes for every other drum rompler as well.

At this time of year you can usually score a bargain but it would make sense to try the free versions which are available for most of these.

And the hardest part is getting your e-kit really dialled in with whatever software you choose. Just sorting out velocity curves that suit your playing is part art part science. Good luck.

Oh - and I am still a crap drummer!
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Steven Slate Drums. Tried several over the years and always end up using this.
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Paschalis I.
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Superior Drummer 2 , Metal Foundry - Cymbals
Steven Slate Drums - Shells
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I like the Drummer feature in Logic Pro X the most. It's no joke.
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