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Default REAPER hangs when removing VST(s)


Here's my issue:

I have 4 tracks on a project that are using Native Instruments Kontakt. That is: the factory strings: violins, cellos, double bass and vioals. On one of those four (the violins) I also have an instance of ReaControlMIDI that automates "Expresion".

My issue is that REAPER hangs when I try to remove the "Violins" track. It does not crash. It hangs forever, not recovering until I kill it wia Task Manager.

To be specific: I don't want to actually remove the VST. I mean: I want them to be there, so opening the project in recovery mode and deleting the VST is not an option. What I wanted to do is freeze the track. I cannot do so, because even though the freeze itself completes successfully, REAPER removes all VSTs afterwards and hangs.

The same thing happens when I have that project open and want to switch to a different one. In this case REAPER removes all tracks before loading the new project. And as soon as it gets to the one containing Kontakt and ReacontrolMIDI, it hangs.

Any ideas?
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