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Default Is this set up even possible - help a newb

Hello all,
Bedroom guitarist who has just been tooling around with nothing more than a POD X3 and Gear Box/Pod Farm.
Now I'm interested in recording some stuff and especially trying out some VSTs like LePou Legion.
I have a few questions so I appreciate the help at any level.
My current setup is that I run into the POD and out to a pair of Alesis powered speakers. Then from my computer I go into an Onkyo receiver and out to just a set of Cambridge Soundwork speakers. Just for listening to stuff on my computer, nothing fancy.
I did install Reaper, I am using ASIO drivers, I do get a signal, I put the VST dll plug in in the right folder, I can open it and that's as far as I get. No output and just hearing the POD out of the Alesis speakers - which duh, is because that's what the outs of the POD are going to. So turning those off I still get no output to the Cambridge Speakers from Reaper.
So here's where I am really an idiot...What would be the best way to configure this with the speakers? Can VSTs in Reaper overtake the POD sound so that the POD is ONLY acting as an interface? Output signal...This one has me messed up. On my computer it is just the Realtek Speakers. Someone in here posted how to use that in settings with Reaper but it came though as a screaming mess with an insane amount of latency.
Settings. I don't get the settings.
I would love to do things using the monitor speakers and not headphones.

Thank you again to experienced users.
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All that should be required is to have this chain:

Guitar > Pod > USB out to computer > Stereo out from computer to speakers

You can use either the WASAPI driver to accomplish this or ASIO (preffered). Pod X3 should have downloadable Asio drivers.

You don't want the POD to be sending audio anywhere through traditional outputs. It needs to send signal to the computer via USB.
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