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Default Reaper: Rendering Large Track Numbers (for samples)

Currently I'm trying to figure out a better method for rending samples in Reaper. Right now my current workflow is to solo a track and render it through the master bus. However with this method I can't use track wild cards, so I have to go in and manually name each track. Does anyone know if there is a way to render stems that go through the master bus? Or maybe there is a better way?
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Well you would need arrange your items so that they are not vertically aligned for this to help, but when I'm trying to render a bunch of samples, I name the items, create regions named after the items (SWS action), and then add all the regions to the render queue with the region render matrix. Much quicker than soloing tracks and rendering one by one.
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Or maybe there is a better way?
Allo elllo- have you tried a peek at what the batch file/item convertor can do for you?<Not sure if that's better.
I think there's ways to have the same chains as your master bus or w/e +wildcards///sample rate convertions etc.-works pretty rapid as well here.
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