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Default OSC Command to add a Marker

I am in the process of creating "simple" control panel to make it easy for our operators to start recording our shows live via TouchOSC.

Have the panel setup with Record, Pause, Stop, Play working really well, but I am stumped by the command "add Marker". We are asking the operator to add a marker at the start of each song/section of the program.

Is it possible via OSC to have the equivalent of the "M" key? I read through the documentation and tried /b/marker and several other combinations that havent worked? Thoughts/suggestions?
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The suggestion would be to read the marker related entries for OSC and the associated comments in Reaper's Default.ReaperOSC file and try these OSC strings out (remember there may be a differently named .ReaperOSC file configured and in use for TouchOSC). If a string is not in the Reaper pre-defined OSC strings then Reaper won't recognise it at all as a native OSC command.

However if none of these entries give the desired effect then it's also possible to link a "made up" OSC string to an action or to the desired function in Reaper using Reaper's learn capability.
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