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Default Automate the Metronome?

So I've written this piece of music which I want to record with a click, but the end bit is an instrumental guitar piece that I want to record free time. I have not found a way to turn the metronome off at a given measure. Is there a way to automate when I want to hear the metronome and shut it off when I don't want to hear it?
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if you installed sws, click track can be an item. cut it off whenever. SWS click track...
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Or maybe insert>click source and just cut the part you don't want off the generated click track?
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yes there is a way

it is called 'action markers'...
you have to create an action marker where you want it to go off

the name of that marker will be !41746
the ! tells reaper it is an action marker
the number is the Comman ID for the action:
Options: Disable Metronome

there are also two SWS actions for
enable action markers
disable action markers

that you might find handy

If you want to be able to play through the project repeatedly and have the Metronome active in the first part
you would likely want to have another action marker at the very beginning to enable metronome because once you pass the disable metro marker, the metro will be set to OFF

to really make this work, you will need to have something like 1 measure for nothing at the start of the project, because if you have the metro on action marker at zero time it won't get noticed by reaper.... likely a little bug
...should be fixed for the next build... http://tinyurl.com/cr7o7yl

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