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Default Impressively low CPU/RAM usage - cause for worry or celebration?

Hi all!

I'm currently working on a Reaper (64 bit) project with 17 instrument tracks with midi items and seperate instances of the Komplete Kontrol VSTi on each of them. I've also got 7 vocal tracks (no effects yet). When playing back my project and checking task manager, I've got about 25-30% CPU usage and only 2,290 MB RAM usage. This on a Lenovo W520 with these specs:

Sometimes Reaper doesn't like loading big projects like these (and I have a feeling in the back of my head that maybe I'm not supposed to be running all these separate Komplete Kontrol samplers) but once it's running, I experience no issues. From working in video editors, though, I know that sometimes a program won't be properly using the system resources, for one reason or another. Might that be the case here, or is Reaper simply a very efficient DAW?

Thanks in advance!
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The Reaper memory and CPU use will be determined by what you have added into your project. So it's completely normal the computer's resources are not utilized fully, if that isn't needed.

Video editors often do things like heavy caching into RAM in the background, so they may use lots of RAM and CPU even if there isn't much going on in the project. There can be benefits to that approach and sometimes it has been requested Reaper would also do that for audio, but the Cockos developers haven't so far shown much interest.
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Cool, that's good to know :-)

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