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Default Add FX window Folders cross platform Mac to PC


I'm currently looking at the implications of switching my Mac laptop to a PC instead. One problem I'm finding is the Folders I've created for Plug-ins in the Add FX window on the Mac are not populated when I import the configuration on the PC. The exception is JS plug-ins they seem to survive the transition from exported config on a Mac to imported config on the PC.

I have a Mac running Reaper at the studio, but I'd like a PC laptop to use when I'm at home or out and about ( not keen on the new Macbook Pros ). It's likely that sharing configs between these machines will be frequent. I'm often adding new plug-ins, making presets and improving my tweaks to Reaper so want to avoid having to manually sync things between the desktop Mac at the studio and the proposed laptop PC as much as possible.
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