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Default Reaper 4 theme - is there version with pan and volume knob at minimized track ?

Hi. I used a lot themes and changes them and after time i can say Reaper 4 Theme is my favourite. I lookin for original Reaper 4 theme with pan and volume knob at minimised track cause i like to set instrument pan right there and most time to have tracks minimised. Did exist Reaper theme 4 as in original but with this little feature at tracks - in original theme exist only exist version with volume knob when track is minimised - i would like to have version with pan knob and volume knob at the same time when track is minimised. This could be usefull cause i setting a lot tracks to be visible only in TCP not in mixer so i cant see tracks in MCP and set pan there - rather want to set on tracks when minimised in TCP.
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