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Default Some MOTU CueMix help?

I just put in a MOTU 424 card and connected two 2408 MKII's to it.

As interfaces they work AWESOME! I used to actually run one of these for years until I put the Midas M32 in earlier this year, and have always loved the MOTU stuff.

Kind of crazy just how old all these things are, but they work, so I won't be complaining about that. I am a little terrified to bet my whole system on stuff so old, but I figure Ebay has zillions of these things and mobos will still have PCIe for a while, and hopefully the drivers will still work, blah blah blah

So here's my issue: One of the things I really need to do is to send REAPER's main out to Open Broadcast Software for streaming. We have had pages on different ways to make this work in other parts of the forum, so I'd rather not go into that, but just to say I'd like to handle this among the MOTU devices rather than VB or Via or any of that.

So far I dont think CueMix has a loopback like Totalmix does, or if so I can;t figure it out.

I am able to set the first 2408's Analog outs to mirror Bank A, which then sends Bank A 1/2 to Spdif Out 1/2, and then set the second 2408's Bank C to SPDIF, and use an RCA cable to connect it that way

That works, but really, shouldnt there be a simpler way? Is there something in Cuemix I'm not seeing?

I am likely getting an RME Digiface USB soon to take over this duty instead, but I gotta say, I'm really impressed with these ancient MOTUs, its a gift that just doesn't stop giving

Also, I am having trouble with CueMix. I may be using it wrong, but for instance I look at my adat out 1/2 which is my main out from reaper. For Mix 1, I can mute it or turn it down and it still goes right out just perfectly.
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