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Default Comb Filtering on Vox?

Recording our second CD and our guitar player informs me last night that we can't use the vox we tracked a few days ago. Why? Because of the "Comb filtering". I have to call BS here. If I understand comb filtering correctly, it makes things sound out of phase. Is there some plug-in I can use to analyze the tracks to prove it isn't there? I sent him an example of the clean track and another where I doubled it and delayed the copy a few MS to take them out of phase. Am I thinking correctly here?

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cant understand what you (your friend) mean...
is there any misplacement on micing?

as a vox ac30 owner, I rekon the sound of a live vox amp is pretty honky, so it could sound a bit "phasey", but I doubt you can get any result with a specific analyzer as well.
You better find out the best mic placement to get the sound as close as you hear in the room.
as far as I can understand, obviously.
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