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Default vintage 670 compressor

Can someone enlighten me as to which control sets the attack time on this compressor. The controls are not labeled with the standard control names. Thanks.
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Did you mean Fairchild Model 670 Stereo Limiter?

Because it is not your standard compressor.

Originally Posted by manual p.4
Attack time
  • .2 ms position 1, 2, 6
  • .4 ms position 3, 4, 5

Release time
  1. Position
  2. .3 s
  3. .8 s
  4. 2 s
  5. 5 s
  6. automatic function of program material 2 s individual peaks, 10 s multiple peaks
  7. automatic function of program material .3 s individual peaks, 10 s multiple peaks, 25 s for high consistently program level
Also from the manual

Originally Posted by manual p.10
The TIME CONSTANT switches give a wide choice of constants. Position 3 is merely general suggestion for a general result timing circuit. With certain popular music or speech a much faster time constant, such as positions 1 or 2, much be more desirable. For classical music a much slower position, such as 4, is useable. Positions 5 and 6 combine fast release with slow release and can be useful if a great amount of automatic level correction is required. These positions also make the limiter action less audible since they will reduce overall program level if continual limiting persists.
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