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Default I wish I knew that sooner (how to prolongate battery life)

My new laptop (a Lenovo) comes with a software that allows to limit the charge of the battery to a set ceiling. It says that this allows to prolongate battery life. Intrigued by this claim, I googled and found out that for Li-ion batteries that equip modern laptops and smartphones, it's indeed true.

" Roughly speaking, every 0.1V decrease in cell voltage doubles the cycle life, according to Battery University. "

So it is recommended that unless you are going on a trip or on a live show solely on battery, you should avoid charging your devices above 80%, or even 70%. Ideally, the charge level should stay in the 20-70% range. Unfortunately, Windows doesn't limit the maximum charge so you will need a specific driver for that.

The other factor that reduces battery life is heat. They don't like temperatures above 30°C so make sure to keep the laptop cool.
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Indeed, it works. I used to go through a battery every two years on any laptop I owned.

It also helps to turn off wifi when you're not using it.

On my phone if I turn on airplane mode I get about 5x the life. Since I use it to record from my interface sometimes this is muey bueno.
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I know it's recommended to store or ship batteries with about a 50% charge.

The best lithium ion battery life though is with daily use. Counter intuitive as that may be. Run your laptop for at least 20-30 minutes on battery every day and you will get max life. I've seen them hit 1900 cycle counts and keep going for years.

Always keep the machine plugged in and/or store the battery on a shelf and it's as good as dead in no time.

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