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Default Guitar VST noise

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section but I've been here a million times and I can never find the right place to put my posts.
I have been a dedicated Reaper user for about 13 years. I recently cause myself a problem by installing a pirated version of a guitar VST known as Bias v2. I should have known better because the install instructions were all in Russian. So here's the problem I installed it normally and then inserted the plug in on a guitar track and after it had much difficulty opening it just had a buzzing noise once. I instantly knew I made a big mistake so I immediately uninstalled it and restored my PC. It has been successfully removed however anytime I open any high-gain channels either in Guitar Rig, mercurial or GTR from waves they all have a hissing clicking kind of AM staticky radio signal in the background.
I know this is a good time for people to tell me how stupid I was and that I shouldn't use pirated software but it's been a staple in my technique for many years and that's how I try out software and of course I do buy it eventually if I like it. As a matter of fact just happened once before about 8 years ago with a copy of ik multimedia T racks and I could not get rid of the sound that it left behind. So I believe what it did was add some code it might have been native to Russia or something of that nature and the uninstall function only removed the program and left all my other plugins damaged. Keep in mind everything else still works fine microphones compressors whatever. Does anybody here know how to access the plugin directory and look for changes that have occurred and how to restore them back to the way they were before my stumbling thru Gorky Park?
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Guitar rig noise has nothing to do with this. That's your guitar picking up noise and going through high gain.
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