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Default I Can't Even Open Reaper Now (Load Crash)


I am fairly new to Reaper, I have 5.965 and was using it ok without any real issues for a bit until just recently when I was trying to setup some templates with larger track counts. I noticed Reaper would start crashing whenever I would go into Preferences and really do nothing, just look at certain setting and it looked liked Reaper was doing something (I could see the spinning circle on my mouse icon) and then Reaper would crash. Reaper would start back up ok, but when I went into Preferences and tried to set as a default a certain sample rate for my projects, well again after clicking that I could see Reaper was doing something/saving the settings and then it crashed again. I tried to re-open Reaper now after this and it gets to media load then the whole program crashes. I can't even open Reaper and have it stay open to change anything. I also uninstalled Reaper and re-installed 5.965 thinking maybe a default start-up issue would help but still Reaper crashes, because I wasn't able to close the session template that might have been causing problems. I'm using ASIO as the playback with my UA Apollo, could this be the problem? I left certain files in the Reaper (x64) directory you know for video codecs, should I maybe totally delete everything in there and re-install? Please help arghhhh.

I am on Reaper 5.965 (x64), Windows 10 Pro, intel i9-9900k, I use a UA Apollo Quad, Z390 chipset, Gigabyte Designare motherboard.

Thanks for your help

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Open REAPER without loading last project. press Shift (while starting REAPER)
Open REAPER without loading any default project template. press Ctrl Shift (while starting REAPER)

P. 19 User Guide

Maybe helps to get Reaper starting again
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… or use the Start Menu and choose reaper(64) create new project


See useful picture in next post …

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Here's a screenshot of the Windows start menu shortcuts which Dr Bob mentioned above:

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Thanks for the help with this. But I was reading a post about UAD ASIO drivers causing issues a few years ago with crashing Reaper similar to what mine was doing. Supposedly should have been fixed with like 5.2 or something, but I did something that was suggested in that thread about deleting the AppData roaming Reaper folder. I first did the uninstall then deleted that folder then did a fresh reinstall and yes it finally installed from complete scratch again and no issues. I just have to update my preferences again.

HOWEVER, what I am worried about is that this issue isn't probably fixed and I am sure it has something to do with the ASIO driver still with UAD...?!?!? I say this because that was what I was setting in the preferences when something probably got corrupted and I couldn't even load Reaper without it crashing. Again, I just feel like it is inevitable again that when I start customizing Reaper to my preferences again I am going to run into the same issue, most likely with my UAD Apollo interface with Reaper.

Cockos, any feedback?!?

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