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Default Mid Project Sample Rate Change

Hi All. I just have a few questions about sample rate.
1) My friend has recorded some tracks at 48kHz in his reaper session. Now I need to add my parts but my reaper programme is set to record at 44.1kHz. What is the best way to proceed? He will be giving me the whole project.
2) Also, if I choose to record at a higher sample rate like 192kHz, then what render settings should I use to produce a CD for distribution?
I get really confused about this because the Waves L1, L2 and L3 limiters that I use all have settings for Bit Rate(not sample rate), but so does the Render Window in Reaper. So I'm not sure where to make the changes that will affect the final mix.

Thanks for reading, I'd be grateful for any advice you can offer.
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setting up your audio interface and Reaper to use 48k would be the best option. Also, make sure to have your audio interface/Reaper set to 24 bit recording resolution in the audio device settings (if possible) and in project properties -> Media tab -> Wave bit depth.

Using these setting, you will be able to basically open your friend's project without issues and without forcing Reaper to samplerate convert on-the-fly.

At the point where you would like to render a file for CD, you may set L1, L2 or L3 peak limiter to quantize to 16 bit resolution (additionally enabling type 2 dithering and ultra noise shaping), then set rendering bit depth to 16 bit in the render dialog, target sample rate to 44.100 Hz and re-sample quality to at least HQ.

These settings also apply if you have recorded/inserted high-samplerate material which I do not recommend doing because the sonic benefits are too miniscule unless you are using high-end equipment. And even the differences may not be noticable.

If you choose to install Reaper in portable mode you could have one Reaper installation set up to work on those 48k sessions and another Reaper install which is set up for 44.1 kHz sessions. This facilitates switching between different Reaper setups, if this is desired regularly.

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