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Default OSC VU Meter Values - Strangeness?

I am busy building an interface in Lemur to augment my S3 console in an attempt to move from Tools to Reaper as my main production systems, but have run into a confusing issue that I wondered if anyone had some insight into?

For testing, I have a JS Tone Generator running on a channel and outputting the VU Values to my Lemur system over OSC. It works well except the values have an odd scaling that I can't attribute to anything I have done.

Re-routing the OSC to an instance of OSCulator, I can see the raw values being output from Reaper. The tone generator is creating a 440Hz sine wave at 0dB FS, and the output meter confirms this, but the OSC data bounces between 0.9118 and 0.8913. I have reaper set to meter Pre-Fade, but the fader is at unity in anycase.

Here is a screenshot of the sequence of values being received.

OSC scaling.png

Any thoughts?
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