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Default Nektar vs Kontrol + ReaKontrol for controlling Reaper

Does anyone have an an opinion on whether I should get a Nektar LX61 or a Kontrol A61 and use ReaKontrol?

Pros and cons of each?

I don't use Native Instruments for most things but I do use it sometimes and I could use it more.

I'm also considering the T6 or P6 but they don't seem worth the extra money for me at this stage unless there is something I'm missing.

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Default No replies

Man is this forum about dead now days!
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Default Ok, some 1st hand info

As someone who has owned both brands of gear, I can offer a perspective that might help.

That Nektar LX61 seems like a value. However, be advised that Nektar's support, drivers, and ecosystem are very poor. I own the Panorama P6 and it sits in the corner, unused. "DAW integration" for Reaper is spotty at best. The drivers are garbage and the install/config process is a frustrating mess. The website and PDF instructions are thin with information, and the support is practically non-existent. Expect that keyboard to be abandoned by the manufacturer relatively soon.

The P6 is a decent keyboard, don't get me wrong...just not necessarily for Reaper and not for the price. Perhaps the LX61, which seems entry-level, will do the job you're looking for at $200.

On the other hand, I've owned the A49 (carbon-copy little brother of the A61 you're looking at, just fewer keys of course) and it's a solid as hell product. I immediately upgraded to the S49, and there's no looking back. I can't imagine life without it. KK keyboards are used by a lot of professionals out there. If ReaKontrol works with the A series of KK keyboards, then it'll be a treat to operate in Reaper. I of course have fallen in love with all of NI's musical offerings and services...and my wallet is nearly empty as a result. But worth every penny. I picked up the Maschine MK3 (upgraded the ol' MK2) most recently and holy smokes what a fantastic piece of kit. Even got it working in Reaper with all the bells and whistles. NI has good support, decent drivers, GREAT ecosystem, lots of bundled content...I think NI is a clear winner in the battle against Nektar.

As I said, just my opinion, but I'm betting you'll love the hell out of that A61. And it'll get you set for the more luxurious models once you've got the scratch for it.
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