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Default Touch OSC VU meter value?


using templates provide by touchOSC made some own templates. But stumbled on one thing. Got VU meter with fader running using


But cannot find solution for vu value or peak value

Is it even possible?

PS. yes i saw defaultconfig, but for this problem didnt find help.
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Hi Matt,

Only just seen your post. I have been busy working on some OSC interfaces for Lemur, and got some VU meters built using the output from Reaper.

From what I can see, the OSC data stream is essential a linear stream of values that relate to the position of the VU meter bar in the Reaper Mixer. You can get either a single value, or a Left and a Right channel. These values are scalar (from 0.0 to 1.0). Its up to you to interpolate these into dB values if you wish.

You can see list of OSC commands available by looking at the doc in your OSC folder for your Reaper Resources folder.
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