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I'm posting this on nearly any forum I can find. I'm useless with these kind of things so I am begging for help.

I'm using a Rode nt1a microphone connected to a Scarlett 8i6, along with Sony Vegas Pro 9.0. Months ago, they worked perfectly fine together.
Yesterday, with my audio settings set to the Scarlett 8i6 device for both default recording and playback on my computer, Sony Vegas armed for recording, the phantom power switched on and every line plugged in (including the mic plugged into the channel 1 XLR socket) I noticed that when I sung into the microphone no sound was coming from it. I then noticed that the signal light for channel 1 was off. When I turn the phantom power on however I see the signal turn on for about 1 second and the overload turn on for 2 seconds. The Scarlett MixControl also displays a loud volume noise which decreases to absolute quiet, and a quick instance of noise comes from when I tap the table hard, but nothing at all when speaking into the microphone.
I spent hours trying to find what could be the problem, but found nothing. Both my microphone and scarlett are both working properly and in good condition. I'm trying to find out whether it's the microphones problem or the Scarlett's problem. I'm in desperate need of an answer... Do any of you know what kind of issues cause the signal to be off?

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Cables go bad, connectors get dirty.

Disconnect and reconnect both ends of the cable (mic and interface).
Watch the signal light while you bend and flex the cable.
Replace the cable.

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Are you using USB power? Try switching to external power. It sounds as if the converter for the 48V phantom power isn't coping with the Rode.
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