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Question Selecting/moving MIDI notes

In the MIDI editor I want to select all of the notes playing on G4 and move them to F#2. I know that I can select all of the desired notes and change the Note property from G4 to F#2, but I can't drag the notes, which would be easier. Also, I can cut the notes, but they won't paste anywhere but the place they started. Is using Note Properties the only option here - dragging or copy/paste would sure be easier/quicker? Or am I just doing something wrong?
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I wonder why you can't just drag them? I just click/drag one of the selected notes and all of them move happily about. That's with the default modifier for MIDI note left drag (move notes -> just move).
If you cut/copy and paste the first note start will be where the edit cursor is, but pitch won't change. Would be nice to have a paste option which places the first note's pitch at the active (highlighted) note row
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agreed with you there Gopher - one of the things I use all the time, but sadly not in reaper.

I can bang out a bass line in seconds IF I can move the note pitch as well as copying the actual note positions and other values. when copy/pasting an arrangement, this becomes invaluable.

I use that and either my transpose or modulate tools in conjunction with each other.

So you select a section of MIDI notes, copy it & paste it into position temporally (NOT temporarily) and then apply either modulation or transposition.
three clicks.
And of course once you have all the chorded positions mapped the whole song can be generated by copying and pasting the whole project section by section.

Dream on....
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I was doing some googling because I was having a problem with this too. It turned out that the reason I couldn't drag any of my MIDI notes was because they were so tiny. I'd input them using an electronic drum kit, and therefore all of the notes were as short as they could possibly be.

Quantising the note length to about a 16th note (or less, if you're working in even shorter notes, don't want them to overlap) should fix this problem, and give you enough note to grab onto when editing.

when you can get your mouse over the note properly, you can drag it around and edit the velocity much more easily.

Hope if anyone else is having the same problem, then this can help.
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I know this is an old thread, but it shows up at the top of a Google search.

I was looking for how to move all the MIDI notes on the same line (in the MIDI Editor piano roll view) to a different line or pitch without left-right movement. Here's how you can do it:

1. Right click on note and select "Select all notes with same pitch."

2. Right click again (or use keyboard command Ctrl+F2) for "Note properties..."

3. The dialog box that pops up allows you to select where you want to move the notes.

I don't see a way to lock MIDI notes only to prevent left-right movement, which would allow you to drag the notes on the same line to a different line without altering left-right position.
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