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Default An 8-channel control surface with LED feedback on knobs AND faders?

Of all the gear makers' experiments with ways of providing feedback on a control surface, it seems to me that the simple LED ring around a knob (ala Novation Launch Control XL, MIDI Fighter Twister, etc) holds the most promise for a home recordist or live performer on a budget. It doesn't require comparatively expensive LCD screens or motorized faders. It's cheap to produce, allows for a small desktop footprint, keeps the device universal for scripters and modders, and still gives you enough visual info to recall your mappings and know where you are as you bank through tracks and functions. When you bank and your knob position no longer matches what it's controlling, you can still see where the knob is going to pick up, avoiding unintended jumps. Visual levels also let you know where you are, for example you're banking and you see channel 3 is at a low level, you remember that's the shaker on track 11 next to the drum track, and you have an instant visual anchor point as to what the other channels are currently controlling.

Do any small surfaces exist with similar feedback on faders, as in a strip of LED's parallel with each fader?

I've made pretty good use of a feedbackless Akai MIDIMix and Goldenarpharazon's Reaper script, but the lack of visual reference (other than solo/mute LED's) still requires lots of back-and-forth with the computer screen and slows down real-time decisions. It seems like a few LED rings and strips would let an inexpensive device like this really break away from the box.

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