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Default Random control surface questions (mostly using 2 controllers at once)

So I spent an hour palying with my BCF 2000 and Impact LX86+ I got it set up so that the BCF has a track offset of 0 and the LX86+ has an offset of 8 giving me control over the first 16 tracks.

This works great until i select a track with the mouse. When I do this the bcf jump to control that channel plus the next 8 channels, which is fair enough. Id rather it didnt follow the focus abut the LX86+ then gets stuck controlling only the selected channel.

Even when I select back to channel 1 it doesn't return to its previous behaviour.

So my question is...how can I get each controller to control a fixed set of channels, regardless of what is selected.

Or if that is impossible, can I make the LX86 follow the BCF's so it always controls the enxt 8 channels?

I also noticed that I coudlnt get the automation write, latch and read shortcuts to work using the encoder groups buttons..any ideas what the issues could be?
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