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I just found out David Gilmour has(had?) copious amount of magick on his boat studio. Copying that from reddit's r/audioengineering thread:

Digital converters with Weiss anti-jitter boxes sitting on cones, each with individual 12v power supplies and Shakti stone quartz crystals sitting on them to help filter RF and EMI.

"Every cable sounds different in a different direction." This includes mains grounding.

All audio wiring done using silver solder.

"Pro Tools system" uses copper bus bars sourced from only one mine, covered in "space dust" which helps filter noise. And cryogenically frozen to -320F because it sounds better.

Cabling sounded better after burn-in period.
Extracted from a 2005 TapeOP's article on David's studio. Shakti stones!

TBH I keep being amazed some people here expect artists to be rational. 100% reasonable scene would be unbearably boring.
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