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Default More image queries

Hi Peeps,

I'm going through all my theme images again.

I basically want to clear out all images that I don't need. But before I do that I want to make sure that they are not used somewhere that I haven't spotted yet.

The images I am looking at at the moment is gen_solo_off and gen_solo_on.

There are a number of "general" images and for the most part I know where they are used.

I cannot, however, find the two general solo buttons anywhere.

The mute buttons, which usually accompany the solo buttons, appear in the Routing dialogue box, but there is no solo button there.

I am going to go ahead and delete these two. I can quickly create a new pair anyway if I find out where they are used.

But if anyone could advise where they are used I would be most grateful.



Oh, yeah... You may be right... OCD is strong in this one.......
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