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Default Yamaha n12 as frontend for Reaper, user experiences?

I'm looking into new audio interface options and I'm looking at a golden oldie: Yamaha N12.
It came with drivers which directly connected the transport functions and input/output options with the corresponding software equivalents in a special Cubase AI version.

I'm thinking .. what if I would use it with Reaper?

The N12 utilizes firewire. So commands such as transport buttons should be sending some kind of signal out, which hopefully I can attach to the corresponding action in Reaper.

Question is, can I? Also, the n12 was made many years ago. Do they still update the drivers for it, and for future operating systems?

I'd like to hear from anyone who may have tried the n12 with Reaper, or at least with a non-cubase DAW?
What were your experiences, technically?
Was it possible to hook up transport- and other controls to the DAW? How were the drivers?
What was your general impression and feel of working with it?

But I won't mind other ppl's general input and thought about this .. so far theoretical prospect.

thx in advance
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There have been a few threads on it ... example ... https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=54509

From a quick check, it looks a bit iffy.
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I used it with Reaper for a while, the main transport functions work just fine, some of the controls that are exclusive to use with Cubase do not.
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