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Default Export SD3 midi drum track to Logic user

Hi all,

Newb here! So I recorded a drum part on my e-kit (Drumit 3 module with pads/triggers) triggering Superior Drummer 3 within Reaper as a VST and all works fine my end. The problem I have is when I send the midi file to my band mate who has SD3 also, but is using a Mac and Logic. All dynamics of my playing are lost and the midi notes don't all trigger the correct drums/cymbals at his end (I sent him the exact kit config I'm using in SD3 and he has that loaded).

Any suggestions on where we're going wrong? We'd prefer me to send him drum tracks in midi if possible as it allows the freedom to chop and change drum sounds quickly and easily if need be - especially as we both have SD3. Just need to retain the dynamics and have the notes match the right drums and cymbals.

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Hi Steve and welcome to the forums.

What happens at your end when you open a new Reaper project, load SD3 and import your MIDI file? Does it work correctly?
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Thanks for the welcome and swift reply. I took your advice and recreated the issue my end. This enabled me to fix the problem! When importing the midi file there was a check box in SD3 that gave the option, 'apply e-drum preset'. When checked, for some reason this messes all the drum kit midi notes up, even though the preset is the one I used for creating the part. Anyway, I leave that unchecked and then load my project and kit in SD3 and all good. It works at my buddy's end too.

Thank you for prompting me to go through the process which lead me to figure it out! :-)
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