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Default Fabfilter 15th anniversary sale

Fabfilter are having a %40 off sale right now

They rarely have sales, and never ones this big, so It's worth looking into if you have ever thought of getting one before.

I personally own ProQ-3 and I can heartily recommend it as I use it on pretty much every track while mixing. Awesome workflow, low cpu usage really fair and easy licensing system.

If anyone is interested as a customer I can send an extra %10 discount, just DM me your email
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Is the Pro Q3 really that good? I have a Waves bundle and Iztope bundle as well as lots of eq plugins. Would this really make a big difference?

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For me yea it's really nice.

It's not about the sound so much (though the sound is great) as the great workflow. I have a ton of EQ plugins but it's good enough to be my first choice %95 of the time for anything corrective or surgical.
Considering most of my work these days is mixing, and the most common effect to use on anything for me is an EQ, it seemed worth it to me.

Its just a very very well thought out plugin, ergonomically, sonic-ly everything:
- every band can be stereo, left, right, mid or side (It also works in pretty much every imaginable surround sound configuration)
- extremely low cpu usage (not as low as reaEQ but it's very good)
- there is pretty much every filter type you can imagine, including tiltshift, resonant shelf and everything from brickwall to 6db per octave low and hi pass.
-every band can be a dynamic eq with support for an external sidechain.
-up to 24 bands per instance.
-each instance can be zero latency or linear phase (or natural phase which is supposed to be slightly better quality than zero latency)

anyway i can go on and on lol
I really like it, I don't think it's necessarily made my mixing "better" but it was worth it to invest in from like a quality of life perspective, since I do so much EQ-ing and it's just a pleasure to use.
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