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Default Reaper makes me feel young again...

because for the first time ever I officially feel like a fanbois 😊

I find myself on other forums bringing up Reaper time and time again because I honestly feel sorry for others using other DAWs if they are having problems.

For example Pro Tools has raised their subscription rate *significantly* as of late and it is not stable for many.

Just yesterday I wrote...

I am no braniac by any stretch of the means but I can do most anything in Reaper along with using custom actions and there are many thousands and if you cannot find one which would be odd you could always write a script.

I bought an X-Touch controller recently for around $384.00 and built like a tank with mostly a steel chasis and while using it with Reaper it is a most beautiful pairing.


Logic works perfectly right out of the box but Reaper needed a few tweaks to get all of the 92 soft keys doing stuff but most of the controls were working right out of the gate in about three minutes.

I have created so many custom actions it is silly but Reaper is extremely powerful and I cannot imagine any DAW coming close to the workflow I currently have plus it never crashes along with the lowest *latencies* in the business.

Try it for a couple of days and just search on the thousands of videos if you get stumped on something.

It is also refreshing in this day and age to have developers doing business with righteous philosophies.

Sorry if someone has said all of this, I haven't had the time to read through this entire thread.

Your friend,

Here In Oregon

And this today...(someone couldn't get passed the way Reaper looks) LOL

The default grows on you and is easy on the eyes but there are some really beautiful themes you can look at all day and night when working 😜

There is also a Pro Fool's theme and I promise your client will think you are in Pro Tools

There is a Logic theme as well

This one looks good

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ah yes... reaper is the viagra of DAW's hahahaha
...should be fixed for the next build... http://tinyurl.com/cr7o7yl
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REAPER makes me act my age . . . Thirty Five!!!

Never said REAPER makes me tell the truth though.
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Originally Posted by hopi View Post
ah yes... reaper is the viagra of DAW's hahahaha
something something CockOS something something hot new single (in your area)...

I'll sing Reaper's praises to anyone who wants to listen too.
I see this kind of open and honest philosophy behind the product as a modern 'professional' approach vs the grifter-like behavior some of the corporate types are devolving into nowadays.

Those spoofing themes...
Anyone doing that ever get busted by a client? How'd that go?
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Default Yup!

I use Reaper for radio station production (commercials/promos) and at home for voicing audio books and voiceovers. I don't do music, just voiceover stuff...and for what I do, no other DAW can do what Reaper does. I've used most all the big DAW's in the past and Reaper is the cat's pajamas! YMMV.
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Originally Posted by hopi View Post
ah yes... reaper is the viagra of DAW's hahahaha
At least Reaper triggered a lot of activities fvor me.
Michael (age 65)
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