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Default Books on intermediate level engineering/mixing/production?

A little context first:

I am just getting over a very gnarly middle ear infection and until that is all the way cleared up I can't actually LISTEN to any music (I don't even watch YouTube videos now, and only daydream about actually hearing music). I thought this would be a good time to READ more about making records.

What are some books (or other READING material), You'd recommend on engineering, mixing, mastering, production techniques?

Nothing too basic as I already have a good grasp of all of the fundamentals (EQ, Compression, Gain staging, Arrangement, Panning decisions, Phase Correlation, Saturation and Distortion, Spacial effects etc. etc. etc.) and was at a point where I could pretty much get my mixes sounding how I want them before this whole ear infection thing.

P.S. Don't mind getting pretty technical AS LONG AS it's ACTUALLY APPLICABLE towards making great sounding records. For eg. I am actually VERY EXCITED about doing an in depth study of the MANUAL for the "No. 6 Limiter" ;D. I really want to understand all of the features and how they work in tandem. None of that is boring to me as I'll be using a final limiter on literally EVERY record I'll ever make.

All the best.
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Hi there, I can't recommend any books (sorry) but I would still recommend watching youtube videos...and not so much listening to the music but listening to and following the engineer's thought process and methods. If you're well versed in the large set of basics like you mentioned, the next step is how to make things interesting. For instance, the masterclass series on youtube where they will run through a mix beginning to end...the audio quality in those videos is already terrible so you won't get much if you're just listening to the music. You can learn the creative techniques without having full access to the music quality, that you can try and apply when you're ready.
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