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Default v6.16rc8 - November 21 2020

v6.16rc8 - November 21 2020
* Includes branch: VST failed plug-in list/rescanning
* Includes branch: separate process VST/VST3 scanning
* Includes feature branch: media explorer and metadata improvements
# Media explorer: don't display unnecessary divider for non-media files [p=2367711]
# Media explorer: fix inserting media in ReaSamploMatic if user has renamed the fx [p=2367579]

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It seems very easy to remove file from the database through context menu. Maybe a confirmation dialog would be a good choice here?

I noticed that as soon as you scan the database for new files, removed files do appear again. I thought this option puts them on some kind of blacklist but that's not the case it seems.

I would personally hide that entry somewhere deep in submenus but we can't modify context menus, only main menus. Fingers crossed this changes.

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I noticed something very strange in the latest 6.16 RCs.

When disabling and re-enabling plugins during play, especially heavy latency ones, in tracks with instruments there's a bad noise, like the one that happens when I have "do not process muted tracks" and I unmute the track, with a burst of MIDI events being sent frantically.

It's like the MIDI notes that were played while the plugin was disabled are played again fastly to fill the gap.
But there's no gap to fill here... (and no, "Don't process muted tracks" is off).

For sure I've seen (heard) it in 6.16 RC7 and RC8.

If I remember well the latency optimizations branch isn't included in 6.16 RCs so I wonder what could cause it...

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First run with rc8 I got this when I switched the dock to Media Explorer from another dock tab.
It didn't seem functional even after loading a project. I shut REAPER, reopened and all fine!
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