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Default Both Audio and Video Rendering Super Slow

Hey guys.

I always thought REAPER was quick at rendering. And maybe it is, it might just be my specs or some wrong setting I have.

During audio renders I normally max out at about 2.5 times realtime, with about 35% of my CPU and 20% RAM being used.

During video renders, it always renders about 1.1 times realtime, even with no effects or plugins. CPU usage about the same as before, RAM significantly lower.

When rendering the exact same video and audio files in eg. Davinci Resolve, it finishes the job sometimes 3x as fast as REAPER, and it utilizes 100% CPU.

My specs:

Intel i7-8700
16gb DDR4 Ram
500gb SSD
2tb HDD
GTX 1060 gpu

Does anyone have some suggestions? I'm really desperate because I love absolutely everything else about my REAPER experience. Well mostly.
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