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Default Nektar GX61 and Linux version of Reaper

Are there any plans of integration for Impact GX61 midi keyboard? Nektar has plugin for Reaper, but only for Windows and Mac platforms. Maybe Cockos Inc. could cooperate with Nektar so integration for their keyboards will be available in Reaper out of box on all platforms and without need in external plugins? By the way, here is the reply from Nektar about external plugin for Linux:
Thanks for your feature request. There are no immediate plans to implement this and we haven't looked into it to be honest.

However, I'll put the request in our system to see that it gets some attention.

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I just bought the Nektar Impact 49+. I believe both of our keyboards only advertise "out-of-the-box" support for Reaper on Windows and OSX via Nektar DAW (Linux can still receive the raw MIDI).

HOWEVER, I was able to get the full integration to work on my Linux set up. I run the x64 version of Reaper on Wine64 on Ubuntu 16.04. I followed the "out-of-the-box" instructions Nektar provides for Windows. I registered with Nektar, downloaded the Nektar DAW installer for Windows 10, and ran it via wine64. Then followed the provided manual's instructions for configuring the MIDI and control through Reaper. Reaper was able to detect my Impact 49+, and just like that I had full MIDI support PLUS Play/Rewind/Loop support PLUS mixer channel volume adjustment support, etc.

I hope this info is useful you to, happy to help you get your keyboard working if you want to run Reaper via Wine.
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