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Default MPL ReaSamplomatic5000 manager

RS5k manager is a lua script for REAPER.
It provides manipulating samples sitting in the ReaSamplomatic5000 instances on currently selected track. It allows you to use it as basic drum sampler.

  • allow to dragndrop samples from Explorer/Finder or MediaExplorer (note: track must be selected/pinned)
  • changable key names
  • changable layouts
  • action for importing loop cropped by Dynamic split (obey source start/end)
  • dockable (requre clicking anywhere once to update graphics on changing dock state)
  • layering mode: keep multiple samples attached to one key
  • mute/solo keys
  • mute/solo layers
  • FX chain per key/layer (on need script creating additional track with MIDI send from selected track, then tracking MIDI send dependencies from current selected track)

Download/Install: ReaPack.

  • REAPER 5.91+
  • SWS 2.9.7+
  • ReaPack 1.2.1+

  • run ActionList > ReaPack: Browse packages...
  • navigate and install RS5k manager and Various_functions packages

Telegram channel for MPL scripts:

SoundCloud | MPL Scripts discussion | ReaPack | Donate

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