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Default Macros issue - Nagging issue - numpad commands

Hey I have a Tascam US2400 that I use extensively
But I also rely on macro's for commands
My typing keyboard is hidden under my desk on a roller - and is only used for typing
I have a small num-pad up on my desk that i have commands on

Now since moving to windows 8.1 64 bit - and getting the numpad.... I've had this nagging issue
If i have a plugin window open and I hit '0' (which I have re-mapped - or added) to be my command for toggle show/hide mixer window
Well nothing happen....
I have to get the mouse and click the top bar of the Reaper project - then I can drop the mouse and find my '0' and open the mixer window - this happens EVERY time!
its tedius and disrupts workflow

I have just found out today that when using the Ctrl/M command this doesn't happen!
The mixer window comes straight up!
Try it!
Why would a command only work witha modify'er like cntrl, Shift etc
and of course I have no modifyers on my desktop numpad

Anyone know why this happens and how i can fix it?

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that's just how it is. modifier shortcuts, function keys and midi controllers will bypass window focus as well. normal keys will not. it's pretty high on my list of complains since years...

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