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Default OSC sending /accxyz messages

I tried to attach a toggle to Reaper via the action list. I saw that immediately the string /accxyz was filled in in the window, after which the action was constantly executed. In this case I wanted to call the FX window via a button with midi cc 5/12. But even when I closed the Midi Bridge the mayhem continued.

Is this a known issue?

I know that I should actually write this up at the Hexler forum but I have never even gotten any response there. More still: my account has never been confirmed. Seems like a dead place there......

So, anyone?
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I think that's the OSC message pattern TouchOSC sends for the accelerometer, continuously sending multi-value messages with acceleration values for x, y, z. Since it is OSC, it makes sense that disabling MIDI has no effect.

You can disable the accelerometer in TouchOSC's options.
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