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Default Parsing error... any ideas?

My computer crashed while I was working on a song and now the rpp and rpp.bak files both won't load and a parsing error is all I get. I've attached a link for the rpp.bak file here, although it comes up as blank when I open it in a text editor which seems like a bad sign... The rpp file has some information on text editor although it looks like all individual tracks are gone on it and it only has 2kb of data for some reason...
My apologies if this is the wrong place to post this, Im a newb in the forum. Thanks for reading.
rpp bak

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Seems like, these projects are gone for good, sorry.

The bak-file is invalid completely(although it usually should be a a valid rpp-file, only renamed).

The rpp-project has only the project in a way, as if it has been saved only once before you started working on it(directly after creating it).
Means, nothing to rescue in it.

About the crash, did the computer crash completely or just Reaper? Do you know, what was responsible? Which OS and Reaper-version do you use?
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